As Your Next County Councilman I Will:

Keep The County Budget LeanAnd Oppose Tax Increases -

The county budget has grown tremendously over the past few years. Without major employers to help pay the taxes, that puts an undue burden on homeowners. I will do all I can to keep the budget lean.

Attract Good Paying Jobs To County -

The county has plenty of minimum wage paying jobs with no benefits. I will work to attract the kinds of jobs that will pay a family a livable wage.

Do More Long Range Planning -

Instead of responding to the problems of growth after the fact, I want more advanced planning.

Oppose Inappropriate Development-

The County cannot allow land designated for high tech business to be used for cheap warehousing. We cannot allow inappropriate development to use up valuable land.

Support Local Law Enforcement

I will support the men and women of law enforcement to keep crime and drugs out of our neigqhborhoods.